Library Media



Londonderry School District

Library Media & Technology Program

Lydia Campos - District Library Media Coordinator

The Londonderry School District Library Media & Technology Program strives to ensure that all students and staff are effective users of ideas, information and technology.  The Library Media & Technology Program, its facilities, services, materials and staff are inextricably part of the instructional process.

The program seeks to provide:

  • Intellectual and physical access to the Library Media Center and technology resources.

  • Information literacy and technology skills, developed through assured learning experiences.

  • Lifelong appreciation of learning promoted through reading, viewing and listening.

  • Library Media Technology professional staff who work in partnership with teachers to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate instructional units.

  • shared responsibility, between teachers and Library Media staff, for the integration of information literacy skills and technology skills within the curriculum.

  • Library Media Technology professional staff who, with support from Library Media and Technology assistants, work in partnership with school administrators to effectively articulate and implement program goals and objectives.

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