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It is the practice of the Londonderry School Board to have the Chairman respond to all emails sent to  If you would like to reach out to other board members for a response you can email them directly or use the phone number provided here on the Londonderry School District website.

Since emails sent to are sent to all 5 board members, they become 'public record' and are subject to New Hampshire Right To Know requests.  They can become part of the meeting minutes when addressing an agenda item on the School Board agenda.  Personal emails will be redacted, emails without identifying information (real name and address) will not be added to that record.


Amy Finamore, Chair
238 High Range Road
Term Expires: March 2023
Sara Loughlin, Vice Chair
12 Maureen Circle
Term Expires: March 2024
Greg DePasse
21 Welch Road
Appointed Term Expires:  March 2022
Nancy Hendricks
14 King John Drive
Appointed Term Expires:  March 2022
Bob Slater
One Stonehenge Road
Term Expires: March 2023





 Jenn Ganem
207 Pillsbury Road
Term Expires: March 2019