Office Migration

We are in the process of moving to a new version of Microsoft Exchange Server. This move is causing some complications with logging into email from a browser, and some phone email clients. Additionally the email distribution lists for each school are temporarily unavailable. Below you will find a solution for each issue.

 Logging into web email

  • Open your normal browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari etc)
  • Go to settings and clear your cache and cookies (links to video instructions below)
  • After the cache and cookies are delete go to your web email and log in as you normally would. You will see the following message . Click the link and bookmark that as your new web email portal.

Email Error Message


Phone email clients.

  • Option 1 (Preferred Option). Download and install the Microsoft Outlook app. Follow login prompts using your Londonderry email address and password.
  • Option 2 (keeping old email app). Depending on the app you are using for email you may need to simply re-enter your Londonderry email address and password. You should not need to enter any server configuration. If you are prompted to enter account type, select Office 365 or Exchange 365.
  • Option 3 Remove current account on the phone and re-add as an office 365/Exchange account.

Distribution Lists
Click here to view a spreadsheet where you can easily copy and paste a list of emails for your building.